Product Manual - Super-Lift-or-HighLift

900 – Ultra Light Blond

901 – Ultra Light Blond

903 – Ultra Light Golden Blond

HIGH LIFT SHADES 900/901/903: Natural hair (1st application): Superlightners are formulated for extra lift up to 5 levels on natural hair. 10 Vol. to 40 Vol., depending on the degree of lift: Mix 1 oz./30ml Super Lightening

with 2 oz./100ml Creme Peroxide. Apply the mixture at a distance of 2 cm. from the roots to the ends, leave for 45-50 minutes; re-prepare the same mix and then apply to roots, Ieaving for another 30 minutes.

Tinted hair (touch-up): Prepare the desired mix and apply only to regrowth, leave in for 40/45 minutes.

Mixing ratio

Super Lift Series – 1 Part Color + 1.5 Parts Organic Crème Peroxide developer

To achieve maximum lift and tone with the Super Lift Blondes the processing time is 45 minutes to 1 hour. How the Super Lift Blondes work is for the first 30 minutes of the processing time the color is just lifting and then from 30-45 minutes the color is lifting and toning, then in the final phase of the processing from 45 minutes to 60 minutes the color is just toning. So if a Super Lift Blonde is taken off after 30 mins you will have achieved the lift but not activated the toner so the result would be too warm and would require a toner.