Product Manual - Introduction

The innovative formula of Organic Color provides your hair with natural goodness and color that looks completely natural. The rich natural ingredients and restructuring shea butter replenish your hair, keeping it shiny and lustrous. The botanical oils make your hair smooth and healthy and happy.

The 33 shades of Organic Color’s chart grant your hairdresser a quick and complete answer to all your professional coloring needs. Now you can make your own shade, with the availability of the two corrective agents! Use the corrective agents with proper directions to get the desired color.

The Color combined with Crème oxidant emulsion makes a creamy, delicate mixture which is easily build able. The mixture is easy to use, at home or at your salon to get that perfect finish! The exclusive use of high quality active ingredients and pigments guarantees uniform colors, intense and brilliant reflexes along with a total coverage of the grey hair with our exclusive cover grey naturals.