Product Manual - Color Correction

Color correction may be necessary where a dramatic color change is required as an example going from dark to light or the reverse from light to dark. There are correct procedures that need to be followed to achieve optimum results with this type creative coloring work.

Regimentation – Filling

This procedure is necessary where there are more than two levels of depth required. It is necessary to replace the red, orange and gold pigments that are no longer in the hair to achieve darker results. Filling the hair is useful to reconstruct and replace the natural pigments in the hair to achieve true results that last.


§  Mix 1 part color to 2 parts warm water.

§  Apply to the pre-lightened hair on the mid lengths and ends of the hair NOT to the natural hair.

§  Comb off and excess product with a fine tooth comb so that the hair looks greasy not saturated with product.

§  Dry the filler into the hair.

§  Apply with your desired color choice.

§  Massage into the hair for approximately 5 mins let color process for 30 mins, then shampoo and condition the color off.

§  If the hair is extremely porous a second application may be required for 10 minutes.

This procedure is necessary where there is existing color in the hair and your desired result is lighter. The universal color law of tint won’t lighten tint applies therefore it is necessary to lighten the hair first. It may be also necessary to use this procedure if there is color build up on the hair or a reflect change from cool to warm is the desired result.


1 part creme enlightener
1 part 10 vol peroxide
1part color care shampoo


§  Shampoo and condition the hair.

§  Apply the mixture to the hair that needs color removal keep off natural hair.

§  Massage the mixture into the hair the more warmth generated from your hands the quicker the color will lift out.

§  Don’t lift the hair lighter than necessary as you will then create a bigger color correction job for yourself.