Product Manual - Color-Star

A color star, also known as the color wheel helps to guide you how colors may enhance or reduce each other’s effect.

The primary colors will be RED, BLUE and YELLOW. When two primary shades are mixed, a secondary color is created.

For example:

Violet = red + blue

Orange = red + yellow

Green = blue + yellow

Now look at this color star. Each triangle of the star has a complementary color, the triangle just opposite to it. These complementary colors are also called neutralizing color. A neutralizing color negates the effect of its opposite color.

Neutralizing Colors

Red = Green

Blue = Orange

Yellow = Violet

Supposing, you wish to mix a golden mahogany shade of your Organic Color hair color, and the product seems too much reddish than your liking. Just apply the theory of the color wheel, and add a appropriate amount of the neutralizing color GREEN to it, until it suits your liking!